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Enough is enough - very bad experience at the Holiday Inn Taunton

I am in hotels 100 nights a year and am fairly forgiving, but enough is enough.  I draw the line at other peoples poop in my toilet.


When in the Taunton, MA area I usually stay at the Holiday Inn - Taunton.  Over the years I have had my fair share of problems:

  • Mold on the walls (numerous times).  The staff knew there was a mold problem but tried to cover it up (which is difficult as the mold patch's in my rooms had about a 2 foot radius).  In one room, the wall paper had come loose from the mold and was caulked back down!  Each time I reported the problem, I was moved to a different room and told that they were working on the problem.  (in the sake of fairness, I believe they have solved the mold problem now). I  do not appreciate the fact that they rented out rooms with mold and didn't tell anyone.  I don't have allergies, but I pity those who do and were placed in these rooms.  This pattern clearly shows owners/managers who put their own financial well being above the well being of their guests.  After these incidents I started staying at other hotels, but came back after I was assured the the problem was taken care of.
  • Becoming lightheaded from paint fumes.  As part of a renovation, they painted the pool.  The fumes were so strong in my room that I got a headache.  When I went down to the front desk, the clerk said "Wow, I didn't know there was anybody on that floor"  REALLY!!  I changed rooms and it was tolerable.
  • NOW THE TOPPER - OTHER PEOPLES FECES SHOW UP IN MY TOILET!!!  Yes, you read right.  Because of the new high powered flush toilets, you may find other people's fecal remnants in your toilet - it happened to me twice on a 3 night stay.  I reported this to the front desk and they told me the reason for the problem and that there is nothing they can do.   I find this beyond disgusting.  It is known by the entire staff, but they are still renting rooms there.  Staff members have told me in confidence that they wouldn't even stay at the hotel with those conditions.

There are some great staff people working at this hotel - Mellissa and Nicole in the Copper Fountain and Darlene in Ivy's and I will miss them, but the ownership/management has completely lost my trust and I will not be back.  My work associates stopped staying there after they learned about the mold incident but I kept coming back because there are some very nice features with the hotel, but no more.


To those who are reading this post - make up your own mind but I cringe to think that someone else's fecal matter is finding its way to my bathroom.  When I flush it back down, I am sure that the particles are lifted in the air and deposited on my toiletries - EEWWWW!!  From now on I will be either staying at the Hampton Inn or the Marriott Courtyard - both are clean and give me the peace of mind I desperately need.

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Re: Enough is enough - very bad experience at the Holiday Inn Taunton

Hi pandermacht -
Sorry to hear about your experience at the Holiday Inn Taunton. I'd like to help, send your information including your PCR # and details of your stay to

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Re: Enough is enough - very bad experience at the Holiday Inn Taunton

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences with this hotel. Checking on tripadvisor, this hotel seems to get decent reviews.


I gather, that there are not many hotel choices in Taunton, so you might have this hotel as the only choice to stay there. 

But if I were you, after the first or second bad experience, I would look into staying at another hotel. There seems to be a Hampton Inn not far away that received good reviews.


Brand loyalty is ok, but I do select hotels based on the comfort, class that I do expect from business hotels instead of the brand.


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Re: Enough is enough - very bad experience at the Holiday Inn Taunton

Are you sure David Copperfield wasn't staying in the hotel?  He has a way of making things appear. 

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