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Digital Detoxing

Jba posted an article about travel habits, and one of the items listed was "mobile junkies". As I thought about what items best describe me, I undoubtedly fit squarely into the mobile junkie category. Traveling with at least two (but usually four) devices, you could say that I'm well plugged in.


In fact, here's a photo of some of my stuff that I had with me on a recent taken with my iPhone, and not showing my Blackberry. 


                                                                          photo (1).JPG


I keep hearing/reading about these "Unplugged Vacations" or "Digital Detox Vacations" that people are starting to take simply to get completely away from it all. I haven't had the pleasure of having such a vacation yet, but just wondering what your thoughts are.


Do you think these getaways are pointless, necessary, a great concept but unrealistic? Better yet...have you taken a vacation with the sole intention of "unplugging"?



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Re: Digital Detoxing

Vacation?  What's that?

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