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Re: Point Breaks?

Not bad for Europe.






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Re: Point Breaks?

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Nothing in ME & Africa, only 3 hotels ?!!

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Re: Point Breaks?

I'm happy about the new release of points breaks hotels. Last month I booked a hotel at the downtown Montreal Holiday Inn Express and now it's points break! :smileyhappy: Convenient timing!

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Re: Point Breaks?

And better than the Montreal HI Express - I believe the Montreal Holiday Inn Centre Ville Downtown was also a Point Break.  I never expected to see that one the Point Break list - it's beautiful, quiet and relaxed, goldfish swimming in a big pool that winds around the lobby, with little footbridges to walk on and watch the fish.  It's an Oriental motif, my wife and I loved to sit and eat some great Oriental food and watch the goldfish.  So relaxing......


And.... I put the whole thing on my Priority Club credit card.  I stayed (and paid) for two nights and two dinners (we were traveling back and forth to Toronto by train and too tired to go out and look for a good meal with such a good place right there!).  I earned 4 Point Break stays just from staying and eating there for two nights (although some were bonus points that completed and were rewarded).


Too bad the Point Break rooms at both places in Montreal seem to be gone.  But there's still Ottawa available!


Also, there were 3 Intercontinental Hotels (one in Cleveland and 2 in Texas) when the list came out - not sure if they are still around or not.


This sounds like a paid advertisement or something, and I guess it is.  I get paid in Points, just like all of us!


That reminds me, I've got to firm up some July traveling plans before the Point Break rooms I'm interested in disappear.


brew169 - a happy HI camper.



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Re: Point Breaks?

The list is out and not that great a selection again this time around. 

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