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Re: 2014 Big Win - Now you've gone too far.........

kevh3835 wrote:


I actually truly believe that incentivising loyal customers in this way and making taking out credit cards in order to gain anything is innapropriate. It has nothing to do with staying more in the hotel brand of choice, can potentially ruin someones credit rating and at worst could cause them undue financial issues. We really shouldnt be getting people to take out credit cards in this way.


And just to add some fuel to the fire, why not give everyone the same incentive........why does it have to be personalised. Surely in any incentive, the more you do, the more you should get, but everyone should have the same target. Yes, i hate incentives, they are more often devisive for this very reason. If 'X' stays 50 nights and gets a free banana and a glass of house wine, but 'Y' stays 5 nights and gets 2 free nights in return.......where is the justifcation in that!?!?


I accept you personal opinion, but have to tell you that a lot of folks jumped on the CC offer very fast. Especially if you get an additional 40-60k from the CC company. ----> Greed


I guess that IHGs promo is profit driven. They already have you on the short leash, so they now lure in the other ones that stay at other hotel chains?? ---->IHG greed


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The 2014 Big Win is a further step on a Big Testing exercise !

I am amazed at reading  all the -often frustrated- comments on this subject.

The Big Win to me seems more of an initiative by IHG to test their customers on possible loyalty incentives.

It makes a lot of sense for the Management of IHG to have a clearer picture on what kind of incentives are worth offering and which ones are of no value for more business.

This to me explains why they have made a profile of thier customers and why each one gets a personalized 'task' to perform  in order to get a better reward....

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Re: The 2014 Big Win is a further step on a Big Testing exercise !

I agree, the Big Win 2014 targets for a lot of folks border on bizarre. There are some green eye shade types that have created an algorithm that in has run amok. There are reports on Flyertalk of people getting goals of 9 Saturday stays and 60+ nights during the promo period. As for myself, I looked at my target and just decided to pass. Yeah, I signed up for it (heck, why not, just in case?) but I have no plans to actually try to meet it. (Unlike the current 2013 Big Win, where I adjusted my behavior to hit it. I'm writing this from a Candlewood Suites in Ohio at the end of a Christmas family trip I planned specifically to hit my Big Win goals.)


Overall, though, the IHG Rewards promos, if you stay on top of them, 'pay off'  better than any other program. It's why I stick with them. It's the only program I know of where you can sign up for promos you weren't targeted for, and earn. And sometimes the amount you can earn, when you stack promos, is close to obscene. There are times when the points post to my my account when I feel like I've hit the lottery.


Starwood has better properties with more consistent brand identity (and status recognition.) Hilton has more interesting hotels, and more status recognition. But no program has more ways to earn gaga points with less spend than IHG. (OK, maybe Carlson, but their footprint is pretty small.) What I'd really like from IHG is more consistant Plat recognition and a redemption pricing for Club level at IHG/Crowne Plaza props that have club levels.



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Re: 2014 Big Win - Now you've gone too far.........

I too am getting feed up with these so called promotions. I started staying a Hilton chain hotels at the end of this year due to them having better promotions, and after seeing what I have to do for the big win.... I have to say I am really liking what I have seen staying at Hilton... Not sure how many nights HI will get from me this year, but from the looks of it not too many.
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Re: 2014 Big Win - Now you've gone too far.........

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Hello all, I'm a new member her and have a question, though it's a little out of the context of the discussion, but I'm having no luck finding the answer (though I think I know).  I see references to "stacking" promos.  Do I assume correctly that this means that for big win offers, more than one offer can be completed at a time, as in if offer A is stay 2 Saturdays and offer B is stay in 2 IHG brands, I could stay 1 Saturday each at 2 different IHG brands to satisfying both offers (as opposed to having to stay 2 saturday nights as one promo then stay at another IHG brandto complete the other, requiring at least a 3rd stay instead of just 2 stays)? *Edit* Never mind, found confirmation of my assumption in another thread.  Thanks just the same.


Regarding some of the complaints about the big win offers getting harder and harder for continuing members, yes it does sound as if they're having a computer look at a members previous stays and then creating big win offers that exceed (challenge) the previous years activity.  Fortunately for me, as not having stayed at IHG more than a night or two a year previously, my big win offers seem pretty do-able.  For those who haved stayed a lot in prior years and now have big win offers of 9 saturdays and 60 days (Jan1-April 30!), I feel your pain.  Whoever is in charge of the big win needs to quickly catch onto their loyalty-killing algorithm ASAP and modify the algorithm for frequent stay members.  If you meet the 9 saturdays and 60 days for this years big win, what will it be for 2015, live in an IHG property full time for the entire promotion period?! 

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Re: 2014 Big Win - Now you've gone too far.........

What you stated re credit card is right on. Last week I told the car dealer I would be paying cash for the new car. He didn't know what to do...said for the "deal" I had to finance with FORD. Anyway, I worked through it and bought the car with minimal discomfort (one month financing). No company should ever hold consumers to the financial oblgations of "credit".

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