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Why should I be loyal?

I have been a member for over 15 Years and over the past few years I have moved almost all my business and personal hotel stay using the Priority Club services.

I met the necessary 50 nights and/or 60,000 points criteria and was kindly moved to 'Royal'.

So it was a big shock to me when informed recently that even if you meet the criteria - selection of 'Royal' will now be done by the "system"!!

You have to be kidding me!! I wrote to them and got a pretty cold response basically saying some rubbish and making no sense.

If you dont have a criteria of reaching the goalpost of 'Royal' and will leave it to the 'system' --- I am out and dont wish to partcipate anymore!

What do you think???


Not a happy member!!

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Re: Why should I be loyal?

50 nights and 60.000 points in not a given target for RA. You  need three different IC's plus a number of nights that puts you in the top 1% of Ambassadors. There does seem to be some consideration of those who have a high number of IC nights in a number of IC's.

If you have a record of your stays write to the signatory of your renewal letter.

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Re: Why should I be loyal?

Your 15 years as a Priority Club member is a great achievement and I respect your story of IHG loyalty. 

You ask why you should be loyal.  We can list reasons to maintain loyalty but only you can make the choice.   

With your 15 years of Priority Club Rewards membership coupled with your story of increased business and personal stays, you are apparently finding some pragmatic benefits of the PCR and Ambassador programs. 

You also ask what other’s think.  I think that you, me and other PCR members have new goals for 2010 toward accumulating PCR points and membership recognitions.  Don’t get discouraged now.   Hang in there and make sure you understand and achieve all the requirements to obtain your membership recognition goals.  Best wishes for success.

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Re: Why should I be loyal?

Hi Faisal,

This comes from the IHG website and explains why we're sometimes not selected to be RAs. There is NO set criteria that allows you to become a RA. The 50 - 60 nights at IHG hotels with the minimum 3 stays at InterContinental Hotels is a common assumption from us frequent travelers, but never has been confirmed by IHG.

I can understand your frustration, but that's what it is.

Royal Ambassador Membership

How do I achieve Royal Ambassador status?

Royal Ambassador status is extended by invitation only to a small percentage of InterContinental Ambassador guests, based on the number of nights they have stayed during the past year.

This is the link:

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Re: Why should I be loyal?

Hello Faisal,

you are already a loyal member. 15 years it is a lot (personally I am member of PC just 12 years).

Therefore I think, you have your answer. Why you are member already 15 years? You got some advanteges? You

were satisfied? ....

And why you think now about not to be loyal? Something changed? It was dramatical change? It affected you so much?

Are you able to change back again?

I am sorry, I know it is a lot of questions. But all this is behind a loyalty. Also loyalty is personal. I can tell you, why

I am loyal, but it can be completely different from you or from others.

I can explain my loyalty on one example. It happend to me many years ago. I that time my friend and me, we wanted to visit

new (for us) vineyard village in South Moravia. When we arrived there we were not able to find where are the wine-cellars.

In side village nothing. Therefore we went to "city-hall". We met a mayor. He told us: "Oh, its easy. But wait for me, I will go

with you". He closed his office and we went out. First he stopped in small village shop. He bought cheese, bread, salami, ...

After we went out of village to find, approx. 2km from the village, on small hill, a "village" of the wine-cellars.

He invited us to one of his friend wine-cellar. We spent there 5 hours. Later we slept in the house of his friend (he become

later my friend). The mayor and also his friend didn't ask to pay. In fact, we wanted, but they refused.

Of course, they were not sure, that we return back another time. But I was sure, we find great people and great place to take

a local wine. Till now, I visited this place hundred times. For sure I spent there a lot of money. Maybe they did great marketing.

It doesn't matter. All the time I was / I am satisfied...

I think "to be satisfied" and "to be happy" it is key point how to create loyalty.

I understand, now your are not realy satisfied. How you can be loyal more? Maybe you are also more demanding than before.

Of course, it is normal. Nevertheless, try to think what are the all benefits of IHG to you. Is it realy an issue not to be "Royal member"?

If you have any claims or ideas how to improve PC, maybe share here with others as well as with IHG representatives.

I wish you to be happy and satisfied.


P.S. Apropos, I am loyal to many people and companies. It is a mixture what makes me to be happy and satisfied.

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