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The new Point Breaks are listed



Although the Point Break page which links to the individual area pages still says for booking dates before January 31, the individual country pages have been updated - the new expiration is March 31, 2012 and all the new Point Break hotels are different.




Although I wanted to go to Montreal and there are none nearby.   :smileysad:


Oh, well - maybe I'll go to the Toronto or Boston area instead.




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Re: The new Point Breaks are listed

Not many in Europe :smileysad:.  Lots in the US though.

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Re: The new Point Breaks are listed

The only gem was the Intercontinental Tahiti, buried under "Asia", which had availability at 0700 UK time this morning, but was dead and buried by early afternoon!! Really poor European list again - second period in sucession where almost ALL the hotels sucked. This is the second recent poor offering - if the list is rubbish again when it next comes out then its time to change loyalty scheme!! 1/10 IHG.

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Re: The new Point Breaks are listed

Europe had the IC Hamburg last time I checked. The points break list is to get us into struggling hotels. You won't see hotels on this list that have no problems with occupancy.
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Re: The new Point Breaks are listed

As usual .... Not a lot in ME or Far East, almost nothing !!!

Expensive Daily rate hotels in ME ... And 2 hotels only from 76 !?

Not good for vacation planning :manfrustrated:

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