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Points vs Points & Cash

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Hi all,


I'm interested in the collective thoughts on the following:


When booking rooms on line, you sometimes have the option of using points and cash for a room night. For instance, you can pay $60 plus 15,000 points per night for a room at the Crown Plaza, Hong Kong. If you wanted to pay cash for a standard room, it would cost approximately $260USD per night. If you wanted to use all points, it would cost you 25,000 points per night.


So here's my question to all:


Would you rather save $200USD per night and pay $60 plus 15,000 points, or would you rather spend no cash and pay all in points at a rate of 25,000 points per night? Let's say this scenario is for a three night stay.


My personal inclination is to pay the $60 and 15,000 points nightly.  $60 is a great rate and I get to conserve my points for a future stays. If I go for broke and spend the 25,000 points per night, then I'm out 75,000 points vs. 45,000 points.


Your thoughts?

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Re: Points vs Points & Cash

For me, as it's a Crowne Plaza, I'd probably split the difference; 2 nights rewards at 25000 points and 1 night I'd pay for. At least I'd get something back.

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Re: Points vs Points & Cash

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It comes down to what your points are worth. Priority Club valures points (for the points plus cash program) at $30 per 5,000 points.


Thus your decision to pay or use points (assuming you have enough points, and there is no other promotion or memebership level issue ) is don't pay more than the following for each brand: (courtesy

US$60 Holiday Inn Express* (10,000 points)

US$90 Candlewood Suites (15,000 points)

US$120 Staybridge Suites® (20,000 points)

US$150 Crowne Plaza / Hotel Indigo (25,000 points)

US$165 Holiday Inn Club Vacations™ (27,500 points)

US$180 Intercontinental (30,000 points)

US$240 Intercontinental (40,000 points)

* Can also cost 15,000 or 25,000 points depending on the property.


You can always use the "points plus cash and then cancel" option to "buy" enough points for any stay, so not having points is never the issue when choosing whther to use points or pay.


It always comes down to whether you need the stay or earned points to meet a promo, bonus, or status level.

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