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Platinum Elite Membership



Following a recent change of role I find that I travel much more for business and as I have free choice of hotel I decided to use IHG brand - mainly HI & HI Express as they are most common here in the UK. Within 2 months I made it to Platinum membership and was looking forward to the associated benefits.


I have to say that I am very disappointed as the Platinum status makes no difference whatsoever in 99% of cases, the only slight difference I notice is that sometimes (around 1 in 5) I get a slightly faster check in experience. Am I doing something wrong or was I merely taken in by the false promises of upgrades and superior treatment etc?



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Re: Platinum Elite Membership

Can't speak much for UK properties, but in the USA, most HIE don't have much to offer in the way of Platinum benefits. Full HI hotels here are hit and miss; most HI don't have an executive floor/lounge. An upgrade at a HI here in the US means higher floor, better view, corner room.


I use these brands to builid up my war-chest of points (which as you pointed out, add up fast), and then use them for great holiday stays at Intercontinental properties. If you're flexible and look for point breaks, etc, you can score a great IC property at a steal.


I'm sure others have their own opinions and you will here from them shortly.


Good luck.

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Re: Platinum Elite Membership

Fozzie - Is right on the money, as are your own observations. In most cases, the HI, HIX, or CP do not provide any upgrades or benefits. Most HI and HIX do not have different classes of rooms or perks to offer.

Many times a CP will offer free breakfast coupons.

One of the biggest benefits of PLAT is the 50% bonus points for every stay. As Fozze mentioned, the PCR program offers various promos that help you build your points. That has kept my interest and involvement in the program.

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Re: Platinum Elite Membership

Fozziedoggie and Fly_Navy hit the nail on the head.


Room upgrades as a platinum benefit are rare at European HIX. Most of them have only one room category and no suites, so a room on a higher floor might be considered an upgrade.


As for HIs and CPs, I had pretty good success when using the "Best Flex Rate". If you book online add "Plat. member, pls upgrade" in the comment line. Can't promise it works all the time, but sometimes it does

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Re: Platinum Elite Membership

There are a few HIE in the USA that gives upgrades tot here rooms with a jucuzzi or smal kitchen area, seen these at one in New york City and Some parts of North Carolina. but yes 90% of them dont one of the newer ones i been in gave me an upgrade to a room with a bigger sofa in it

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